Darius Elphick
Darius Elphick


Darius Elphick
Lead Software Engineer at Trade Me

I'm a Lead Software Engineer with over ten years of experience working in and leading agile teams developing large-scale commercial applications at organisations from the BBC and Sky in the UK to Trade Me in NZ. My professional interests include domain driven design, SRE, servant leadership, building healthy team culture, and ethical A.I. experimentation and adoption. Outside work I'm passionate about Kendo, Japanese Fencing, and you're likely to find me either training at a nearby dojo or travelling with friends to attend tournaments and seminars.


Lessons in Technical Leadership for Emerging LSEs
Careers & Teams Breakout Session

The transition from Senior Developer to Lead Software Engineer is a challenging but rewarding journey that can often feel like a career change rather than a promotion. In this talk, I'll share advice and encouragement for emerging and growing technical leaders, while discussing some of the lessons I have learned leading the team responsible for re-architecting customer engagement and communications at Trade Me.