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Fun Scale Projects
Wednesday, 18 August 21

What's it like to take on a side project just because it's fun? We'll hear about Oleg's latest side project, and then explore how you can make your own fun scale project a success - whatever that means for you.

Oleg Voronin

Burger Burger Burger

Oleg Voronin

I’ve been working on user experiences for 10 years, still trying to nail it. Never thought about management before my current role. I love learning more about things so I mostly listen to talks, but sometimes I talk talks, too. What’s the most awesome thing you’ve learned last year? Tell me!




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Making a success of a side project

First question - define success. What does success look like for you? From that point, let's share ideas about different ways to make the project work. How do we make it sustainable? How do we maintain the essential fun factor? What about making effective use of limited time? What ideas, techniques or tools would you recommend?


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