Vanessa Thornton
Vanessa Thornton


Vanessa Thornton

I'm Vanessa, a senior developer at Xero. I love teaching people new things so you will generally see me speaking about how to get started on a new language, framework, tool etc. In my spare time I geek out and 3D print a lot of useful things. I'm learning how to build complex electrical components. I also dabble in a bit of abstract art creation from time to time.


How to make your smart TV even smarter - Voice control for your smart TV
Hot & New Breakout Session

Come on a journey with me to explore the world of IOT and serverless. This talk takes you through the architecture and code needed to be able to voice control your smart TV through the use of Amazon's echo dot. It also explores controlling your home media server via voice control including downloading new content, providing information on the latest completed downloads, and information on new shows available. This talk requires some knowledge of node and AWS serverless components.


An Introduction to Serverless
Hot Technology Breakout Session

Taking you through from whoa to go, with everything you need to know to get your first serverless application up and running in the wild. Perfect for developers and tech folk alike who wish to gain an entry level understanding of what is serverless, and how to architect, develop, and deploy serverless applications, this talk requires no previous knowledge about serverless and is language agnostic.