Sunil Jolly
Sunil Jolly


Sunil Jolly
Developer & People Lead @ Xero

I'm Sunil and I love working in an industry that's constantly adapting and growing - though I admit I'd rather play the drums all day. I was born in London and after studying Graphic Design my career took quite a few twists and turns through Flash, PHP, .Net, Javascript development, UX design and management. A few years ago I landed in Wellington and now I'm working at Xero.


Life as a Manager
Career & Core Skills Breakout Session

One day I was a developer, the next day I was manager. It's taken me a few years to figure out what that really means and I'm still trying to figure out if I'm going about it the right way. I often joke that I spend my day in meetings and that I don't do any proper work, but in reality I find management one of the toughest challenges I've taken on in my career. If you're curious about management or if you're a manager who's curious about someone else's journey into the world of management, this talk is for you.