Steven McDonald
Steven McDonald


Steven McDonald
Developer Leader @ PartsTrader

I've been in software for almost 20 years, and I've gone from "headphones on, leave me alone" to leading teams and facilitation. Since 2020 I've been studying Developmental Coaching and bringing those skills into Engineering teams.


Shortcuts to understanding your teammates better
Careers & Teams Breakout Session

When most people get into the field of technology, they do so to solve difficult problems or to at least write code. What many people overlook is that they're actively choosing to work in a very social field. This talk will give you some models to help you understand why you and your teammates show up the way you do.


The Talk about Speaking, and how you can start
Career & Core Skills Breakout Session

Often people want to present a talk at a usergroup/conference and have no idea how to get started. Some people are just too intimidated and daunted by the task that is actually much easier than you expect. In this session we will cover: How to choose a topic, How to prepare your talk and most importantly Tips on how to present your talk. I have used all of these techniques myself as well as introducing them to the people I've coached. This will be more than a theoretical talk, I will actively demonstrate everything that I discuss.