Rachel Collingridge
Rachel Collingridge


Rachel Collingridge
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A classically trained musician, Rachel got into software development by mistake, and has been enjoying it too much to switch back. After sixteen years of shipping code commercially she's spent nearly a decade in technology leadership. Her working style is based on servant leadership, extreme collaboration, making a positive difference and always having a laugh while doing it.


New Gig? New You!
Careers & Teams Breakout Session

Technologists change jobs often, even more so over the last 12-18 turbulent months. How might you put your best foot forward confidently in a new role, whether you're a leader or individual contributor?
Spoiler #1: what you're doing has got you this far, no need to start again!
Spoiler #2: these tips can be applied in your current gig too 😉


Imposter Syndrome

I’ll explore what Imposter syndrome is and talk about my personal experiences of not feeling good enough. Mostly, I’ll focus on describing a variety of tools, tips and tricks to help the audience build their self-confidence and self-compassion toolkit.


Making teamwork work
Careers & Teams Breakout Session

Humans are constantly working in teams, whether consciously or not. It's pretty obvious that your sports team is a team! But have you thought of your family like that? Your rock band, clarinet quartet or choir? A committee that you sit on? The people you work with? I'll theorise about what makes a team great with the aim of getting you to think about your own interactions and contributions, and what changes you might make for better outcomes in any group.


Tales from Recruitment Land
Career & Core Skills Breakout Session

A talk about how hiring managers approach recruiting technical employees with lots of 'do's and a few 'dont's. Questions welcome!