Prae Songprasit
Prae Songprasit


Prae Songprasit

I started Kyudo and Front End Development about 7 years ago. Both practice's demand for detail and respect for the audience had significant impact on who I am today. I contribute back by being in NZ Kyudo Federation committee, and co-organise Wellington Web Accessibility Meetup.


Shin, Zen, Bi. Truth, Zen, and Beauty.
Careers Breakout Session

As a Japanese archery practitioner and Front End Developer, I find a lot of shared principles between the two practices. This will be a brief intro/demonstration of Kyudo, and how I've adapted it into my own work.


What to expect, when transitioning from UI/UX design to front end?
Doing Great Work Breakout Session

Many have done it. In fact, it's a great thing for the industry. But what's involved? With the world of Front End Development evolving constantly. JavaScript is no longer just an interaction tool, but runs whole codebases, and even databases. Is there still a place for someone who just love CSS, HTML, UX, accessibility, and talking to designers in the language they understand? If there isn't, how do you continue to provide value to the team? But if there is a place, what does it take to get in?