Owen Evans
Owen Evans


Owen Evans

Owen has been a manager and leader of people in the Wellington tech scene for a long time (some might say too long). He's been at places like Xero and had a startup called Hoist, he's also dabbled in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality as director of engineering at 8i. Most recently he's been a consultant to many startups around New Zealand.


Startup Surgery
Careers Breakout Session

You've got an idea for the next Decacorn business - something which will make Microsoft look like a minnow and Google like a guppy - and you want to know how to bring it to life. Join three of Wellington's best product thinkers and startup gurus and put your questions to them. How to go about finding product/market fit, defining the real MVP, how to get from the back of a napkin to AWS Cloudfront, and more.


Self care in the age of Don't Care
Closing Locknote

It can be hard as a software developer to work out what's important to stay ahead of the game and stay on top. The pressures that work can exude on us can leave us all behind. Software engineering has some shocking statistics on burn out and depression. Lets see if together we can dissolve some of the myths that lead people to not take self care seriously in this industry.