Natalia Panferova
Natalia Panferova


Natalia Panferova
Senior iOS Developer at Trade Me, Founder at Nil Coalescing Limited

Throughout my career, I've navigated both web and mobile landscapes, developing a special passion for iOS along the way. My journey includes a pivotal role at Apple, where I contributed to the SwiftUI framework, deepening my expertise and love for iOS development. Currently, I'm a senior iOS developer at Trade Me, where I apply this passion daily. Beyond my role, I lead Nil Coalescing, a small software development company, and run a blog that, over the past four years, has become well-known among iOS developers worldwide. My insights and experiences have also led me to speak at conferences and on podcasts, sharing knowledge and connecting with the community.


Blogging your way to success in tech
Careers & Teams Breakout Session

Dive into the world of technical blogging with me and discover how a simple act of sharing your knowledge can improve your understanding of technology, connect you with a global community, and unlock doors to career opportunities you never imagined. Through my own journey from a curious coder to a member of the core SwiftUI team at Apple and beyond, I'll unveil the power of blogging in not just demystifying complex tech concepts but also in building a personal brand that stands out in the tech industry. Join me to explore how your insights and experiences, when shared, can become your most valuable assets in navigating and shaping your path in the tech landscape.