Maz Hermon
Maz Hermon


Maz Hermon

Hi I'm Maz, I love the web and helping other people to love it too. I'm passionate about web user interfaces. How we build them, how they are for our users, and how they form part of our daily lives. I enjoy sitting in the grey area between dev and design and encouraging cross disciplinary conversations and workflows which enable us to deliver better experiences to our users.


So, you wanna make your website more accessible. What next?
Doing Great Work Breakout Session

Let's assume you've already been convinced that it's best if all of your customers can actually use your products and services, regardless of their varied abilities. What comes next? How do you get from understanding the business benefits, to actually improving the UX of your products, particularly if you're not used to supporting assistive technologies such as screen readers. Or, maybe you're just not sure about some of the common barriers we've been busy putting in place for people as we build our websites.
You'll leave this session with some key accessibility patterns to implement in your work, including tips on accessible markup (the solid base of assistive technology support), getting started with screen readers, ARIA basics, testing & debugging tools for accessibility, and where to look for more information. The key thing you can take away is a new perspective on how to evaluate the quality of your work in relation to web accessibility so you can identify issues that may not have been previously apparent.