Matt Powell
Matt Powell


Matt Powell Senior developer, Optimal Workshop

Matt Powell believes software should look and feel good from every angle, including under the hood. A full-stack developer from before that was a thing you could be, he believes the way we feel about our code and the way we feel about each other are tightly interlinked. Talk to him about theatre, craft beer, and cats.


It's just Makeup: How to care about CSS
Doing Great Work Breakout Session

(NO TECHNICAL BACKGROUND NEEDED!) There’s a tendency in developer circles to see Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) as a kind of black magic that can’t be learned or understood by “real developers” because it defies rational logic. And yet, somehow sites still get built, and look good, and people engage with them! This talk is an attempt to unpack some of the myths surrounding CSS, and a look at what perpetuating those myths means to the people on our team who are doing this work.