Marcus Bristol
Marcus Bristol


Marcus Bristol

I am an Engineering Manager at Pushpay and have been developing for longer than I can remember. I also run the Auckland Software Craftsmanship and Auckland .Net user groups, although unfortunately they've been a little quiet since the COVID lockdowns.
I believe that for true growth, you need to be doing things that make you a little uncomfortable, and you need to be willing to make mistakes and learn from them. Toddlers are by far the best at this.


The Art of Effective Feedback
Careers & Teams Breakout Session

Giving feedback is an essential part of our roles, whether you’re coaching someone in a 1-1, reviewing a PR, or giving life advice to your manager. But how do we do this in an encouraging that motivates them for success?
Conversely, how do you process constructive feedback? Are you able to reflect on it and improve, or does it simply add to the underlying anxiety that we all have?
This session will explore some techniques and strategies to help ensure you get the best results when providing and receiving feedback.


Moving Fast - Without Crashing
Software Craft Breakout Session

Pushpay operates in the payments industry so we are very risk adverse, yet we are able to deploy to production up to a dozen times per day.
This talk will discuss the culture that enables this, and the tools and processes that have been built over time to support our fast pace. We will show how we can maintain a high quality codebase that has minimal technical debt, while simultaneously growing the team significantly in the last 2 years. Finally we will explain how our culture helps support us in those rare instances when something does go wrong.