Malin Malliya Wadu
Malin Malliya Wadu


Malin Malliya Wadu
Tech Lead at PartsTrader

Malin has been working as a Software Engineer for over 12 years at a bunch of the largest websites in New Zealand. He loves optimizing things, from application code to how that code gets delivered to users.


From Monolith to Modular
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Join us on a transformative journey from monolith to modern frontend development paradigms. In this in-depth session, we'll dive into Microfrontend Architecture, uncover the potential of Module Federation, ensure robustness with End-to-End Type Safety using tRPC, and streamline workflows using Nx and Monorepos. Discover how these advanced techniques empower developers to build scalable, modular, and resilient applications. Don't miss out on this opportunity to level up your frontend skills and stay ahead in today's dynamic development landscape.