Kate Pearce
Kate Pearce


Kate Pearce

Kate Pearce is Head of Security at Trade Me (which you may have heard of). Previously she was a professional computer hacker (pentester) and has broken into everything from cars, to cellphone networks, to websites (which you may also have heard of - but she can't name!).


Colourful Cryptography
Code On Screen

Cryptography can be a daunting thing, with all sorts of buzzwords and maths. People throw around terms like encrypted, hashed, private key, public key, nonce, and blockchain. What?Turns out it's really all about information, and the maths is a detail.
In this session I'll give you the overview of what it all is, how it all fits tother and when to use what, how to use it and why all those things. EIL5, not quite - but EIL10 - YES!