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Kai Koenig


Kai Koenig

I'm a trained mathematician and went into software development after uni (and ignored my maths background for a long time).
With the advent of FP and machine learning/data science, I got interested again and found it reasonably easy to adopt these technologies with the help of having an understanding of the maths behind it.
Some of my friends didn't and we wondered why. We realised that the problem was not only the maths, but quite often also that they would struggle with finding ways to start (re-)learning some of it after having given up on math in high-school.


Why a Whole Country Skipped a Day: Fun with Timezones and Locales
Cool & Fun Breakout Session

"The correct handling of timezones and locales is one of the most under-appreciated parts of software development. Commonly known as internationalisation (i18n), a lot of people underestimate the impact that getting it wrong can have for your users as well as your systems. Drawn from experiences with working on a global network of backend systems, websites and mobile apps in more than 30 locales for the last 10 years, this talk will start with an introduction to the concepts behind timezones and locales. You're going to learn about the history of time measurement and time synchronisation and how the world eventually ended up with the global system of time zones of today. Today's model is full of interesting and sometimes outright bizarre quirks and you'll look at some of best and worst of them.
Some of the technical topics covered are:
Time on the JVM and Android
What level of support and libraries do we have?
Ways to make your developer life supporting multi-lingual/-locale apps easier.
WHAT? We have to support daylight-savings-time?
Managing user expectations Eventually, we're also revealing why a whole country skipped a day and what they gained from going through this effort. Stay tuned!