Ivan Towlson
Ivan Towlson


Ivan Towlson
Co-founder, Fermyon

Ivan has been knocking around the software scene since the days of Turbo Basic, and has lately found himself focusing on cloud native tools as part of Microsoft's Deis Labs group. He is now back in the startup world, helping to found Fermyon and using Rust and WebAssembly to build the next wave of cloud computing.


Learn Rust the Hobbes way
Code On Screen Breakout Session

The Rust language is increasingly popular for the way it balances safety, performance, and expressiveness. The way it gets there, though, can be challenging for developers familiar with better-known languages such as C, C#/Java, or Go: hence Rust's reputation for having less of a learning curve than a learning cliff. In this talk, we'll run full tilt at that cliff, and see how high we get. I'm going to focus not on teaching you "this is what comments look like," but on giving you a basis for *thinking* in Rust: major features that are different from the way other languages do things, idioms, false friends, and key packages and tools.


Introduction to WebAssembly
Code On Screen Breakout Session

Faster, safer, more portable: with WebAssembly, you can run code from *any* language in the browser. But that's just the beginning. Find out how to write WebAssembly, how it works, the crazy things people are doing with it, and why it just might be the next wave of cloud computing.


Separation of Concerns
Cool & Fun Breakout Session

The principle of separation of concerns advises us to organise programs into distinct parts according to what they do or represent. It’s a principle that sounds great but can be maddeningly hard to apply, both practically and in terms of identifying just what the concerns are that need to be separated. In this talk, I’ll try to pick apart the aspirational phrase separation of concerns into some concrete principles, tactics and techniques. We’ll see real world examples of how they’ve helped keep (parts of) my code sane, how to recognise and apply them, and, just as importantly, when to stop.