Helen Kyryliuk
Helen Kyryliuk


Helen Kyryliuk
Front end developer at Timely

I am passionate about frontend. I am currently a frontend developer working with ReactJS at Timely Business Management Software. I have a growth mindset and a habit of constantly practising new technologies and applying gained skills.


Challenge accepted!
Careers & Teams Lightning Talk

People in tech often find it challenging to express themselves in public. I’ll share my personal story of overcoming fears and insecurities in public speaking, working strategies to develop the skills and confidence needed, as well as some insights I learned from experts and international speakers.


Build Confidence with Tests
Code On Screen Breakout Session

Tests are not magic. Smart review of the best practices for writing high-quality tests with examples in frontend testing (ReactJS). All the main ideas are collected from multiple resources with all the references to tech industry leaders as well as practical experience.