Everett Toews
Everett Toews


Everett Toews
Specialist Director, Deloitte NZ

My focus is helping organisations establish or mature a modern engineering capability. With a decade of software development, a decade of systems operations, and years of platform engineering, I bring a wholistic perspective in my approach to engineering.


Principles for a Cloud Native Platform
Hot & New Breakout Session

A platform is a self-service internal product fit for purpose to an organisation to accelerate releases that get quality features, fixes, and security patches into production reliably. It’s a composition reliant on an evolving mix of culture, product management, support, security, and technology to be successful. Everything that dev, sec, ops, and test do on the platform is in service of getting releases out to end users and getting feedback. The value is increased efficiency, reduced risk, and accelerated innovation. This presentation dives into a vision of the principles necessary to successfully build a Cloud Native platform.