David Thomsen
David Thomsen


David Thomsen

David is a multidisciplinary volunteer who has previously helped out at tech conferences, literary festivals and street carnivals. They have also attempted a variety of creative pursuits, from writing novels to their current interest in making daily web-based games. They hope you are having a nice day!


A Brief History Of Wordle(s)
Cool & Fun Lightning Talk

Have you Heardle of the Globle phenomenon, Wordle? Think that creating your own daily puzzle would be too Absurdle? Listen to me Waffle on about the Worldle of Wordle-like games and become a true Wordle Nerdle!


Film Club: Stories For A Human Workplace
Careers & Teams Breakout Session

Allegory is a tool with an immediate and instinctive power, which is why the first books read to us are "The Little Engine That Could" and not "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People". As adults we tend to leave stories out of the workplace and focus on sensible practical technical discussions, and while these can teach us how to operate in a workplace, stories can teach us how to be human as well. David will go over the stories and characters of various Film & Television properties and talk about what learnings we can take away from them, with particular focus on how we can be strengthened by the differences between us. By the end of the talk you will be convinced that movies don't just have to be fun, they can be homework as well!