Daniel Hardie
Daniel Hardie


Daniel Hardie
Security Developer, PartsTrader Markets Limited

Daniel is a Security Developer at PartsTrader Markets Limited, with a focus on application security, governance and risk compliance and upskilling people in all things security. He has a deep passion for learning, problem solving and will never turn down a good challenge. In Daniel's spare time you can catch him in the exam room trying to collect another AWS cert, on the hockey turf gasping for breath or trying to keep up his daily streak on Duolingo!


Wear (OS) is my train?
Code On Screen Lightning Talk

You're running late for the train again! Getting to the station out of breath, you see the train is still 5 mins away!! If only there was some way to get push notifications in real time indicating how far away the train is... Trying to learn a new technology can be intimidating and frustrating at times. How do you know what to Google when you don't even know what the question is you're trying to ask? Join this session to see someone with zero experience in app development talk about their journey in making their first Wear OS app!