Andy Prow
Andy Prow


Andy Prow

Andy is the CEO and co-founder of RedShield, with staff and customers in New Zealand, Australia, USA and UK. On the tech side he's a seasoned software developer, pen-tester and security researcher. On the business side Andy won the EY NZ Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 (Services Category), and RedShield won the NZ HiTech Awards 2017 for more Innovative Software Product and Most Innovative Service.


10 years of security breaches
Cool & Fun Breakout Session

Andy and Kirk look back at the last decade of security misfortune, looking at the hacks that shocked us and asking: What have we learnt?
Since 2009, Andy and Kirk have enjoyed recreating security incidents for audiences at tech conferences: from scenes in Mr Robot and blockbuster movies, to demonstrating how ransomware works. In this talk we'll switch our focus to the Real World(tm), discuss how sophisticated attackers are (or aren't!) and help us understand how to defend against these attacks.