Xero, Level 3



9:00 am

Collaboration not Confrontation
Cybersecurity isn’t a Battle
Opening Keynote Xero - Storm

Security reviews are great, but sometimes you can be left feeling that ‘your code is bad and you should feel bad’. That's not the case though - pragmatism and collaboration is the path forward. In the end, both developers and security folk are after the same goals - secure, robust software.

Peter Jakowetz
Managing Director - PrivSec Consulting

Peter started PrivSec Consulting to bring high quality assurance and penetration testing to the NZ market back in 2021. He has previously worked for the Ministry of Justice as their Security Assurance Manager, and has worked for a range of NZ organisations, uplifting their security posture. He belives firmly in making security accessible and understandable, and lowering the barriers to having a good security posture.

Session One

10:00 am

How AI-powered Assistants are Revolutionising Programming
Hot & New Breakout Session Xero - Storm

AI-powered coding assistants are software programs that use AI to help developers write code more efficiently. In this talk, you will learn about the state of the art code generators, their benefits and limitations. You will see demos of AWS CodeWhisperer, Github CoPilot, and others using a variety of IDEs. As the field of AI continues to evolve, so too will the capabilities of these assistants, making them an increasingly valuable asset for developers of all skill levels. At the end of the session, you will be equipped to hit the ground running with AI-powered coding assistants to level up your coding significantly.

Seb Krueger
Head of Cloud Technology Solutions, Office of the Cloud CTO at Amdocs

Seb is the Head of Cloud Technology Solutions in the Cloud CTO Office at Amdocs. Seb started coding when he was 10 years old and has been hooked ever since. The last 10 years of his career have been dedicated to engineering enterprise solutions on AWS and Azure, most recently working as Principal Solution Architect at AWS. After 20+ years as a career technologist and 30+ years of coding experience, he strives to share his knowledge and experience with the community as a key leader and contributor to the AWS User Groups across Aotearoa. Seb regularly holds presentations on technology problems at conferences and meetups.

Session Two

11:15 am

Principles for a Cloud Native Platform
Hot & New Breakout Session Xero - Storm

A platform is a self-service internal product fit for purpose to an organisation to accelerate releases that get quality features, fixes, and security patches into production reliably. It’s a composition reliant on an evolving mix of culture, product management, support, security, and technology to be successful. Everything that dev, sec, ops, and test do on the platform is in service of getting releases out to end users and getting feedback. The value is increased efficiency, reduced risk, and accelerated innovation. This presentation dives into a vision of the principles necessary to successfully build a Cloud Native platform.

Everett Toews
Specialist Director, Deloitte NZ

My focus is helping organisations establish or mature a modern engineering capability. With a decade of software development, a decade of systems operations, and years of platform engineering, I bring a wholistic perspective in my approach to engineering.

Session Three

12:15 pm

The halting problem
A journey through Alan Turing's seminal paper
Cool & Fun Breakout Session Xero - Storm

This paper laid the groundwork for the theory of computation and established the limits of what can be computed. It introduced the world to the Turing machine.

Rory Braybrook
Microsoft Identity Architect

I've presented at the Code Camp before. I'm a Microsoft MVP interested in the history of computing.

1:00 pm

PrivSec Consulting


PrivSec Consulting

Session Four

1:45 pm

Programming the Commodore 64 for VJ performances
Cool & Fun Breakout Session Xero - Storm

Commodore 64s are cool - but what if there were a way to dynamically upload new code to them, live, to run a VJ performance? With VesselASID (part of my music PhD) you can!

Josh Bailey

I'm an R&D engineer from SDN to SDR, national security to machine learning, and bitslice CPUs to supercomputers.

Session Five

2:45 pm

New Gig? New You!
Careers & Teams Breakout Session Xero - Storm

Technologists change jobs often, even more so over the last 12-18 turbulent months. How might you put your best foot forward confidently in a new role, whether you're a leader or individual contributor?
Spoiler #1: what you're doing has got you this far, no need to start again!
Spoiler #2: these tips can be applied in your current gig too 😉

Rachel Collingridge
Totara Learning

A classically trained musician, Rachel got into software development by mistake, and has been enjoying it too much to switch back. After sixteen years of shipping code commercially she's spent nearly a decade in technology leadership. Her working style is based on servant leadership, extreme collaboration, making a positive difference and always having a laugh while doing it.

Session Six

3:45 pm

Code On Screen Breakout Session Xero - Storm

As an engineer, there seems to be a slew of contradicting advice on what to do about duplicate code. Never do it? Do it once then refactor? None of it really makes sense. This talk introduces a few new mindsets for reasoning about duplicate code and what to do about it.

Sam Jarman
Software Engineering Manager - Cochlear Limited

Hi, I’m Sam! I’ve been a software developer for over 10 years and I am currently a principal engineer and people manager at Cochlear in Sydney, Australia. Over my career I’ve have the pleasure of working at various companies, big and small and I’ve love to share the lessons I’ve learned along the way.


4:45 pm

Technology's role in supporting tino rangatiratanga
Closing Locknote Xero - Storm

In a world where it feels like technology is eroding our rights to independence, autonomy and self-determination, there is a growing set of approaches and solutions designed to address this trend and give people back the right to tino rangatiratanga in their digital and physical lives. This talk will explore these emerging trends and what they might mean for our online lives.

Luke Collier
Partner at Deloitte

Luke leads Deloitte's public sector digital transformation services focused on enabling public sector agencies and their private sector partners to use the power of digital to address our ‘wicked problems’ and deliver better services for all New Zealanders. As a proud son of the eastern Bay of Plenty and child of Te Whakatōhea, Ngāitai and Ngāti Porou, Luke strives to see his people realise the opportunity technology offers to iwi, hapu and whanau to embrace the past, and face the future, with confidence and excitement.