Trade Me, Level 3


Session One

10:00 am

The OWASP Top Ten
A crash course for developers
Code On Screen Breakout Session Trade Me - Boardroom

This talk is a crash course in the OWASP Top Ten for developers (and why you should care), including a heap of real world examples and exploitation techniques for common software security vulnerabilities.

Jim Rush
Security Consultant

I'm a former software developer who has somehow ended up hacking things for a living. While breaking things is infinitely more fun (to me) than building things, the building is important. Cybersecurity commonly can feel diametrically opposed to sofware development; I'm here to show you that pragmatic security consultants exist who prioritise colloboration over confrontation.

Session Two

11:15 am

From Monolith to Modular
Evolving Frontend Development with Microfrontends
Hot & New Breakout Session Trade Me - Boardroom

Join us on a transformative journey from monolith to modern frontend development paradigms. In this in-depth session, we'll dive into Microfrontend Architecture, uncover the potential of Module Federation, ensure robustness with End-to-End Type Safety using tRPC, and streamline workflows using Nx and Monorepos. Discover how these advanced techniques empower developers to build scalable, modular, and resilient applications. Don't miss out on this opportunity to level up your frontend skills and stay ahead in today's dynamic development landscape.

Malin Malliya Wadu
Tech Lead at PartsTrader

Malin has been working as a Software Engineer for over 12 years at a bunch of the largest websites in New Zealand. He loves optimizing things, from application code to how that code gets delivered to users.

Charlotte Gimblett
Software Engineer at PartsTrader

Charlotte is a Software Engineer at PartsTrader Markets Limited. She got into software with the intention of building software for race cars, however now she now channels her expertise into building accessible user interfaces for any challenging project thrown at her.

Session Three

12:15 pm

Lessons in Technical Leadership for Emerging LSEs
Careers & Teams Breakout Session Trade Me - Boardroom

The transition from Senior Developer to Lead Software Engineer is a challenging but rewarding journey that can often feel like a career change rather than a promotion. In this talk, I'll share advice and encouragement for emerging and growing technical leaders, while discussing some of the lessons I have learned leading the team responsible for re-architecting customer engagement and communications at Trade Me.

Darius Elphick
Lead Software Engineer at Trade Me

I'm a Lead Software Engineer with over ten years of experience working in and leading agile teams developing large-scale commercial applications at organisations from the BBC and Sky in the UK to Trade Me in NZ. My professional interests include domain driven design, SRE, servant leadership, building healthy team culture, and ethical A.I. experimentation and adoption. Outside work I'm passionate about Kendo, Japanese Fencing, and you're likely to find me either training at a nearby dojo or travelling with friends to attend tournaments and seminars.

1:00 pm

PrivSec Consulting


PrivSec Consulting

Session Four

1:45 pm

Blogging your way to success in tech
Careers & Teams Breakout Session Trade Me - Boardroom

Dive into the world of technical blogging with me and discover how a simple act of sharing your knowledge can improve your understanding of technology, connect you with a global community, and unlock doors to career opportunities you never imagined. Through my own journey from a curious coder to a member of the core SwiftUI team at Apple and beyond, I'll unveil the power of blogging in not just demystifying complex tech concepts but also in building a personal brand that stands out in the tech industry. Join me to explore how your insights and experiences, when shared, can become your most valuable assets in navigating and shaping your path in the tech landscape.

Natalia Panferova
Senior iOS Developer at Trade Me, Founder at Nil Coalescing Limited

Throughout my career, I've navigated both web and mobile landscapes, developing a special passion for iOS along the way. My journey includes a pivotal role at Apple, where I contributed to the SwiftUI framework, deepening my expertise and love for iOS development. Currently, I'm a senior iOS developer at Trade Me, where I apply this passion daily. Beyond my role, I lead Nil Coalescing, a small software development company, and run a blog that, over the past four years, has become well-known among iOS developers worldwide. My insights and experiences have also led me to speak at conferences and on podcasts, sharing knowledge and connecting with the community.

Session Five

2:45 pm

Shortcuts to understanding your teammates better
Careers & Teams Breakout Session Trade Me - Boardroom

When most people get into the field of technology, they do so to solve difficult problems or to at least write code. What many people overlook is that they're actively choosing to work in a very social field. This talk will give you some models to help you understand why you and your teammates show up the way you do.

Steven McDonald
Developer Leader @ PartsTrader

I've been in software for almost 20 years, and I've gone from "headphones on, leave me alone" to leading teams and facilitation. Since 2020 I've been studying Developmental Coaching and bringing those skills into Engineering teams.

Session Six

3:45 pm

Maslow's Hierarchy
The Evolution of Migrant Tech Careers
Careers & Teams Breakout Session Trade Me - Boardroom

Mainstream tech career advice works for the majority, not the minority. In this talk, I’ll show you why and how the career evolution for a migrant tech worker is very different from that of a native New Zealander. I’ll use Maslow’s hierarchy of needs model as my base to help you understand why there is still a significant disparity in representation in middle management and leadership roles in engineering and tech in general.

Camy Bhandari
Co-Founder, NZ Tech Rally

Camy is a co-founder of NZ Tech Rally, and organising tech conferences is her thing. An import to NZ from India, she has been in the Wellington tech scene since 2013. Camy specialises in Quality engineering by profession, but after going through several rounds of ego deaths & identity crises in her 30s, she’s found her grounding in representing and highlighting the state of minorities in tech.